28 silverknows

This story began two years ago when I was on my way to tax the car at the post office in an area of Huddersfield, Yorkshire known as Milnesbridge. Ironic really because cars have become a central theme and without which I would not have been able to complete the journey. There was a large queue at the post office and as I hate queing I decided to tax the car later.

Across from the post office a second hand shop had recently opened and I could never resist the temptation of finding a gem in one of those shops and this day was no exception. Inside was the normal collection of cheap house clearance articles but amongst this was an old leather Gladstone type holdall.

This was the gem I had been looking for, I asked the shop owner the price and was pleased when he replied that it was four pounds. I didn’t even haggle at that price because I knew it was worth four times that. I hastily paid the man and put the bag in the car. The bag was not heavy but obviously had something in it. The contents went on to inspire the website www.28silverknowes.com