The archive of Edward Rigg Spitfire pilot

The archive of Edward Rigg
Spitfire pilot

In previous work I have developed an approach of creating associations using found items to generate visual practice. The methods used as part of my MA Graphic Arts Practice consisted           of de constructing found artifacts, primarily found photograph’s, transcribing them into a visual narrative. I developed as an exploration of found photography, transcribed into an on-line visual detective story to solve the ownership of a found bag of photography. During the project I became aware and interested in the construct nature of building narrative from the photography and began to form alternative theories and stories based on the body of photography. By the end of the project the mystery was solved and bag of found photographs were re united with the original family. However the project made me aware of the notion of found items as palimpsest to create new or embellish existing narrative. Alongside I also created a user generated visual language site to encourage experimental visual collaborative projects. Streetgraphic endorsed the notion of graphic collaboration and highlighted the diversity of graphic practise globally.

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