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Slides and a paper maquette


GF Smith paper sample


Contents of box 

I took the slide archive of Edward Rigg as I wanted to capture it from various angles, there was something so beautiful about the rows of slides so carefully filed in date order: it was a reminder of the precious value that photographic records had in times past.

The physical nature of the early slides was special as they were in card rather than plastic mounts: the card was thick, with a core that was darker and some of them appeared to be

almost corrugated; there was a variation in shade between different manufacturers; there were subtle changes in colour between the rows and even within the tabbed sections; the tabs were of cream card carefully numbered that seemed to both merge into the scene but also act as flags within it.

The boxes created a beautiful colour story. I wanted to represent this sense of the different layers that seemed to flicker between the shades of white and cream and I recalled GF Smith’s paper sample book: this had a system of binding that kept paper perfectly flat but also a randomness that demanded you took notice of the substrates.


I set about creating a quick maquette using prints on layout paper of the slide archive photographs and various other random papers, using the numbering system from the front of the archive box to make a cover page. It felt good to start creating some physical output at last.